Presentation Skills Training: Maximizing Presentation Time

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July 21, 2017



Presenting can feel like a race against the clock. So much content, so little time! So, what can you do if your presentation time is up, yet you've got more to say? Today's presentation skills training "What if..." offers tips for managing time before and during your presentation.


What if... I run out of time and can't finish my presentation?

Answer from Kerri: Let’s start with a tip to help you keep from running over time-wise: The 75% Rule.  When preparing your presentation, you should make sure that your content takes up no more than 75% of your allotted presentation time. That way you can deal with things like a good Q&A, an unexpected tech issue, a late start, and more. It also requires that you edit with a strong hand, which can help you keep your content on-track.

However, if you’ve done your best and it still looks like you might run over, quickly (and silently!) ask yourself how necessary the missing information is. It may be that you’ve covered everything you absolutely HAVE to, and you can let go of that content you don’t have time for. In that case, jump to your conclusion, so that you can give a bit of a wrap up and tie up loose ends.

If the missing information is especially important, offer to email any interested parties further information. You don’t have to apologize for running out of time, just mention that you have more to share with those who are interested.  You can also offer to make yourself available as long as possible after your presentation to answer any lingering questions there may be.


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