Presentation Skills Training "What Ifs": Your Questions, Answered

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January 31, 2017


Recently, we asked our followers on social and some others to let us know about their particular presentation "What Ifs...": lingering questions about presentation skills training, delivery, and more. We'll be sharing some of the questions and responses here, because no doubt one person's "what if" maybe shared by many! 

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What If: ...the audience thinks I'm uninteresting when presenting?

Answer from Kerri: This is an extremely common fear, especially when you’re often burdened with presenting highly technical or data-heavy material. While you can’t control what everyone will think (there’s often a resident curmudgeon or naysayer) you can include some things in your presentation to keep your audience on board:

Try using a story as a vehicle to deliver data. When you wrap your facts in a story, you illuminate your content in a way that engages your audience. (You can find lots of information about storytelling for business on the OC Blog and in our Resource Center.)

Another option is to include a periodic Q&A throughout your presentation. Give the audience a chance to participate and ask questions. With a few clearly set parameters, (and Q&A time built into your presentation) you can keep things on track while engaging your audience.

If you hear that your audience found your presentation uninteresting, sleuth a bit to find out why. Ask a superior or trusted colleague what lost them – many times it can be a simple fix, like speech volume that's too low or content that needs a bit of editing. Presentation skills are a constant work in progress. While you can’t control what other people think, you can continue to work towards improving your own skill set.


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