How to Dress for Professional Presence: Classic

Posted by Dawn Stanyon
April 28, 2015

by Dawn Stanyon

dawn-stanyon-1Are you uncertain about how to dress to project a professional presence? I want to tell you an insider image consultant secret: You have an innate fashion personality. I know, I know: You don't want to hear that your have a "fashion personality." YOU, my friend, are unique  you do not fit in a mold! Yes, yes, I know. But you might. 

Do you like a tailored fit? Solid colors? Perhaps a pin stripe or a polka dot? A touch of color? Reasonable heels or flats? Do you tend to be more preppy than trendy? You know what? You might be old-school classic. Nothing wrong with that. Invest in classic pieces — wool pants, pencil skirts, neutral tops  you'll wear them over and over and over again. This professional presence look works well in traditional workplaces, often in the financial industry and health care.

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What if you have a classic fashion personality and work in a creative industry? If you feel it's important to blend more with colleagues who seem to be artistic/dramatic on the inside and the outside, you can incorporate some more creative pieces that you can still feel comfortable with  like unique crafted jewelry, trendy tops, and vibrant-colored purses. It can be done.

For more professional presence/fashion personality looks, go to Professionality and plug CLASSIC in the search tool. Or try DRAMATIC, ARTISTIC, ELEGANT, and ROMANTIC.

Stay tuned for more on professional presence! Next: Dramatic (I do work with a bunch of actors, after all!) 

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