4 Ways to Create the Wow Factor in Your Corporate Presentation

Posted by Nick Verina
December 29, 2015
You don't need to set off fireworks to dazzle the crowd! The wow factor you're looking for is easier to achieve than you think. If you want to up your credibility, become more confident, and impress your co-workers and clients, here are four tips that will take your next presentation from weak to WOW:
Bring your Personal Stamp to your presentation. Team Ovation is all about individuality and personality, and we're big believers in bringing that to your presentation. What are the best aspects of you? Is it your sense of humor, your storytelling ability, your sincerity? The way to draw your audience in, whether that’s one person or one million, is to connect with them in an honest and sincere way. And what better way to do that then with your unique personality?
Use an Attention Grabber right at the start. An Attention Grabber can be anything you want it to be: a joke, a story, a riddle, a fact, an event, etc. The possibilities are endless! It’s an ice breaker that gets your audience’s attention before you even begin your presentation. Not only can an Attention Grabber put your audience at ease or make them laugh, it's a useful tool for you as the speaker. It gives you the opportunity to get those initial nerves out before you even begin to deliver your content.
Rehearse. You’ve heard it before, but preparation is your best defense against anxiety and stress when it comes to delivering a presentation. We advocate using the Rehearsal Process that actors use. We sum it up in three words: Say, Stray, Play. 

Say: Literally speak your presentation out loud.

Stray:  Say your presentation out loud again, but this time stand up on your feet and move. Start to get it "into your body" by working on your gestures, words, and eye contact. This the-wow-factor.jpghelps build your muscle memory. Remember to think about your Objectives and Tactics here, and don't forget that you can use your notes!

Play: Like you would hit "play" when watching a movie, start your presentation on your feet, speaking it out loud, without stopping. Act as if you were actually presenting it before an audience. In fact, the audience should be the only thing missing. Use all of your technology, wear what you're going to wear and, if possible, rehearse in your actual presentation space. 

Although this Rehearsal Process seems like it could take a long time, it doesn’t have to. It could take as little as 15 minutes! And take it from us, as actors, we have used this process for decades, and it works. Not only will it build your presentation into your muscle memory, it will also enhance your confidence and credibility when you stand up in front of the room to present. You'll be so comfortable with your material, you'll feel cool, calm, and collected by the time you take the presentation stage.  

Save your Conclusion for last, rather than your Q&A. As a trainer, I often hear people say that impromptu speaking makes them really nervous, especially during a Q&A session. Since we know Q&A’s are inevitable, why not approach them in a way that gives control to the speaker? At the end of your last content section, try saying, “After my presentation, I'll be doing a short Q&A, and then I'll end with some closing thoughts. Please be sure to stick around for those.” That way, you have control over the conclusion of your presentation. Why would you want to end a presentation that you worked on and rehearsed with an unpredictable Q&A? By saving your Conclusion for the very end of your presentation, you have the opportunity to leave your audience feeling positive and uplifted about your content.

The wow factor doesn't happen by itself, overnight. If you really want to impress your audience, it takes time, rehearsal, planning, and a bit of your own personality. However, all of that effort is worth it to bring your listeners a presentation they'll remember.

How do you bring the wow factor? Which speakers do you think really dazzle a crowd? Let us know in the comments below!

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