Twas the Night Before the Presentation...

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
December 22, 2014

by Elizabeth Levey

elizabeth-levey-1‘Twas the night before the presentation when all through the house

I was up well past midnight, just clicking my mouse.

My PowerPoint had been crafted with care

With hopes I’d be able to survive this scare.

My co-presenters were surely snug in their beds

While visions of slide decks danced in their heads

With my spouse in her pj’s, upstairs sound asleep,

I crept down the stairs – my laptop to seek;

Stage fright and anxiety raced through my mind,

So I turned to the internet, a remedy to find.

My computer monitor cast a soft glowtwas-the-night-before-presentation

In the darkness of my home office below.

I mused “What kind of training could help me suck less?

To make this presentation an outstanding success?”

When all of a sudden, I stumbled upon

The most perfect website –!

My heart began pounding – on this very page

Was a boatload of tips come to my aid!

Ovation’s techniques were so very insightful

I realized “A presentation doesn’t have to be frightful!”

“Practice!” they said, “Warm up! And breathe!”

And as I read on, my mind grew at ease.

A great presenting technique? Include a story!

So I did, and my presentation was now far from boring!

I watched webinars, delivered by Kerri

And suddenly presenting wasn’t so scary.

I read blog after blog, downloaded some tips

And I gradually realized – “I can do this!”

I worked a bit longer, and practiced out loud

Until I felt excited for the next day’s big crowd.

And I said to myself, as I turned out the light,

“Happy presenting to all, and to all a good night!”

Happy Holidays from Team Ovation!

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