Look For The Line...

Posted by Kerri Garbis
August 15, 2019



Ahh that line. In business, in life, in relationships. There’s always that line.  The one that cannot be crossed. The one that if crossed, boundaries are broken. And there’s one you need to find the end of, and stand there, so you’re not “that person”. There’s that line too.

In business it is especially important to never cross the line.  As an employee, a manager, an executive, an administrator, whatever your role is, you should always be looking for that line.  Making sure you are doing the right thing. Being the best that you can.  Always trying to make a positive lasting impression. To maximize your success, you need to ensure you are always prepared.

Introducing, Look for the Line a Vlog by Kerri Garbis, President and Co-Founder, Ovation Communication.

Each week Kerri will be posting helpful tips and tricks to help you ensure you are being as effective as possible and guide you to always Look for the Line.




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