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    Frequently Asked Questions

    So, what do you do? How does this work?

    We're so glad you asked! Ovation is a boutique consulting and training firm, specializing in holistic presentation, communication and relationship-building skill development. Our team is comprised of working professional actors possessing both a strong business acumen and a passion for helping corporate professionals become complete communicators. And who knows more about communicating effectively with any audience than an actor? Read more about all of our customizable programs in our complete brochure.

    Where is Ovation located?

    We are a virtual company with trainers based all over the United States and Canada. Our administrative office is just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

    What makes you different?

    Lots of things! For example, we:

    • Leverage our experience as working, professional actors to help our clients deliver memorable presentations that drive engagement and action.

    • Excel at focused messaging development – we train your participants to get their message across efficiently and effectively.

    • Offer year long, follow-up training sessions… and measurable results.

    • Focus on building real relationships with our clients, serving as a support system with practical feedback and additional resources.

    • Deliver highly-customized solutions tailored to the needs, nuances and budget of the specific customer. No cookie cutter copouts here!

    • Plus, we truly practice what we preach. We love what we do, and we’re committed to helping your business grow and your events succeed.

    Is this Ovation Communication of Illinois [or Minnesota]?

    No.  We are a different company and we do not market our services to consumers.  Please click HERE to view our complete statement.

    Can you help me prepare my conference keynote speakers?

    Can we? We live for it! Our customizable conference delivery program can take your keynote speakers from presentation creation and development through rehearsal and performance, with Ovation there every step of the way. We can also simply show up at your event and work with your speakers on-site to ensure their presentation is polished to perfection! It's all up to you.

    Do you partner with New Hire training programs?

    Absolutely. We excel at turning new hires into complete communicators. We can also help emerging leaders within your organization improve all of their professional skills and take center stage. As always, we customize to YOUR needs — for both your newest employee and your time-tested management teams.

    What about engineers and tech people? Can you help them, too?

    We love engineers, tech people, and subject matter experts of all kinds. We use all of our experience to get the knowledge out of the heads of your experts and across to the waiting crowd. In fact, we've got vast experience helping clients in the tech industry deliver killer presentations when it counts. 

    Where does the training take place?

    Our training usually takes place on-site at the client's office or an off-site location. Ovation is happy to arrange training facilities as needed.

    How many people can you train at once?

    While we prefer to keep our training groups on the smaller side, we have the capacity to train over 100 people per day.

    What is the fee structure? 

    Our fee structure is based on the needs, nuances, and budget of the specific client. Our goal is to create the perfect program within your budgetary constraints. Looking for more specific fee information? Talk to our Director of Business Development, Lori Free. She can help.

    Do you only train US clients?

    Team Ovation is well-accustomed to traveling – our customized programs have no borders! We travel all over the world to accommodate the needs of our clients.